The proof arrived today. An actual, real book with my name on the cover.

The cover looks great, as I pretty much knew it would. (Cover by Chicago illustrator Phineas X. Jones.) I did the interior layout, relying heavily on Scrivener's awesome compile features. There was a small issue with page numbers--I'd told Scrivener to skip numbering one of the "front matter" pages, which threw off the pages. My first upload had even-numbered pages on the right, which apparently is Not Done.

I fixed that, sent the files off, and a few days later... Look what's in my kitchen! A trade paperback of my novel.


Oh, yeah: copies will be available for purchase soon, and I will definitely let everyone know! First I need to check this thing over to make sure I didn't accidentally paste the text of some old paper on William Blake or a recipe for blue cheese burgers in the middle somewhere.