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I would love to hear from you. If you want to contact me for any reason, feel free to use the email address spelled out below, or you may leave a comment on one of the posts here at just below.

Here's my email address:

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A large list of generous volunteer readers and myself strive to make the spelling, grammar, plot, and stories the best they can be. Even so, something could sneak through the filters. If you find errors in the text of one of the Comet Jack books, please send an email to the same address so I can make corrections for future readers:

      steve [-at sign-] cometjack [-dot-] com

Please include the chapter number and a bit of the surrounding text, as page numbers differ in different formats.

And of course I'd love to hear your thoughts on the stories and any requests. Direct contact between readers and writers is one of the advantages of modern publishing. Please feel free to email me for any reason at all!

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Thanks for your interest.