I Like My Dog (True)

I Like My Dog (True) is an 18-page picture book for young children. The story is told with simple words and pictures, suitable for reading aloud to the youngest of kids. Beginning readers may find they can read the entire book themselves. Ages 1/2 to 7.

The girl tells you about her dog and herself, asking you some questions along the way. While the dog is dubious of some of her claims, it's clear they are the best of friends.

This one I wrote and illustrated. The pictures were drawn in pencil, scanned, tweaked, colored, tweaked again. I think it looks great in color. It also looks good on black and white Kindles. It's the same file, so you could potentially read it on a black and white Kindle, then switch to your iPad or desktop Kindle app for the full color experience (without purchasing twice, of course).

And, as always, you can take a look at a Amazon's free sample and see for yourself.

I Like My Dog (True) for Kindle

I Like My Dog (True) for Nook