Introducing Comet Jack 2: The Dark Sea Uprising, the sequel to Comet Jack.

It’s been almost a year since Jack fell through his attic window and found himself drafted into the Comet Corps, orbiting a war-torn alien world halfway across the galaxy. Now safely back on Earth, with Summer Break just around the corner, Jack’s brain only seems to focus on one thing: Jennifer Mitchell. His thoughts are far from the stars…

…Until a mysterious message arrives through the portal, landing loudly in Jack’s attic. Jack can’t read the alien language. He throws it back, but it just returns, again and again.

Jack needs to find Regent, his super-smart sidekick from the other planet, but this time when he jumps through the portal, he ends up on a much different world. In a much different body.

Before, he was mistaken for a superhero. Now it looks like he’s a slave…

On Earth, Jack’s secrets are piling up. His friends can’t understand why he seems so distant, his parents are concerned with his odd behavior, and worst of all, Jack’s nemesis, Dirt, the biggest bully in school, just noticed Jennifer Mitchell too.

Off-world it’s much worse: Jack may have started a war that will destroy an entire alien race.

And, for those who haven't read the first book, I'm celebrating the release of CJ2 by reducing the Kindle price of Comet Jack to 99 cents!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think!

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The Proof is Here!

I'm holding the first ever copy of Comet Jack 2: The Dark Sea Uprising!

It's the proof, the copy I need to check for errors. I'm combing through it now, making sure it's fit for general consumption.

When can you hold your copy? SOOON. I will fix a few typos, tweak something on the cover, then release it into the wild--both in print and eBook format.

Stay tuned.


Here's the final cover for the new book. No, I haven't just been playing in Photoshop this whole time. I've been rewriting, reworking, formatting, relearning Kindle formats and Createspace specs and how to get Scrivener to put it all together. The book will be out very, very, very soon, but for now, please enjoy the cover upgrade.

Stay tuned.