What's coming next?

Comet Jack #2 is out!

What's it about? Without giving too much away, you'll see more Jack and Regent, of course, and also learn more about the Comet Corps. Jack will get a new Mission Specific Extraordinary Ability. There will be problems to solve locally on two planets and something even larger looming over the entire galaxy. And a kiss.

Also coming up: the first Pepperjane Gingersnap book! My daughter deserves and demands a series of her own.

Pepperjane Gingersnap: Adventurer arrives ...TBA. [Okay, I've adjusted this, as my first estimate proved wrong. Jill Thompson has agreed to illustrate Pepperjane, which is unbelievably awesome news. Please be patient, though, as Jill is a world-famous artist in high demand.]

Also in the works:

You Can't Eat A Duck Like That, an illustrated rhyming kid's book, about a boy who attempts to solve a unique problem with the help of a Shakespearean duck. Illustrations will be care of my nephew, Dave Kopka, who is busy in his own right studying illustration at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. UPDATE: Dave has graduated and works for Penguin Books! Arrives... TBA.

And twinkling in the horizon:

Comet Jack 3, wherein Jack must rescue a friend, learn the history of the mysterious stranger, stop an alien threat approaching Earth, and perhaps forever alter the future of the galaxy. It's a lot to do, and he's going to need help.

There are some other works of various levels of completeness: a crime/murder mystery novel, an AI science fiction mystery for older readers, a novel whose genre might be called "afterlife noir", and some short stories floating out in submission boxes here and there. Oh, and a screenplay or two. With any luck, you'll hear more about at least one or two of these soon.