Where can I buy this Comet Jack?

  Here: for Kindle
  Here: for Nook
  Comet Jack isn't available for iTunes yet, but you can read Kindle and Nook books on your iPad, iPod, Android, computer, etc. Those apps are free.

When is Comet Jack #2 coming out?
  It's out NOW!

I don't have any kind of electronic reader. Can't I just buy an old-fashioned actual paper book?
  Sure! Go here for Comet Jack: Trade Paperback
  Or here for a trade paperback of Comet Jack 2.

So you've got a picture book too? What's up with that?
  Check out I Like My Dog (True) here. Read on for more Comet Jack info.

Where did Comet Jack come from?
  The character? Ohio. The idea for the story? From a series of off-the-cuff bedtime adventures I told my son when he was younger. I knew I wanted to write Comet Jack when he said one night, "Dad, what if he had a different superpower on every planet?" That's one hell of a hook--at least it hooked me. I grabbed my laptop and started writing.

How young/old can/should the readers of Comet Jack be?
  I made Jack a fifth-grader because I wanted to publish it before my son was in fifth grade (more on that below). He's a smart fifth-grader, a compassionate fifth-grader, and when he's on Earth he's dealing mainly with fifth-grade problems: a sister he finds annoying, schoolyard antagonism, the struggle to avoid being pigeon-holed into something he is not. On the other world the problems are bigger in scale: a planet in crisis, the mystery of why he is there, the struggle with several expectations. Older readers might find familiar themes--relationships, politics, perhaps some truths. Younger readers can freely ignore these and enjoy the adventure. Wow, this is a long, winding answer. The actual answer, because of the reasons above, is that anyone that this book should be fine for anyone who can read (or be read to). I would be comfortable reading this to a 1st grader (there is one minor swear word, that I recall, and nothing that would rate this higher than PG if it was a movie).
  As of now, ages 8 to near 80 have read it and told me they've enjoyed it (and bugged me about the sequel).

Is there going to be a Comet Jack movie?
  That would be cool. If there's ever any interest, I'll change this answer and dance around.

I'm a parent and I'm worried about _____. Can you be more specific about what the story contains?
  Comet Jack contains no drugs, no sex, a little violence, no commercialism (beyond the brief mention of two or three brand names).

What about the pee scene?
  Everyone pees. And the peeing in this case is done off-camera.

Why did you make Jack a fifth-grader when you want 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th graders and beyond to read your book? Everyone knows that, for YA (young adult) fiction, readers want to read about characters older then themselves.
  1) I didn't know that when I set down to write it (and I'm sure there is room in readers' minds for variation from this standard). I just wanted to write something that would entertain my son and make him think. He's smart, so I didn't try to dumb it down, and tried to make sure there would be some things he might catch upon a second or third reading.
  2) I wanted to be done with the book, have it polished and published by the time he was in fifth grade, so naturally I made the protagonist a version of his future fifth-grade self. He was going into fifth grade fall, 2011, which brings me to…

Why did you decide to self-publish?
  There are many reasons, but the main one that got me to pull the trigger was the fact that I wanted the book out by the time my son started fifth grade. If I went traditional publishing route (legacy publishing, some call it), I'd first need an interested agent, who would then need to find an interested publisher, who would then work with me to edit the book, design a cover, come up with marketing, publish the thing, and try to get it on bookstore shelves. I think a lightning-fast timeline for all that would be two years, and that's assuming I could get past step one. Instead, I decided to work with some writers I know (most of whom attended Viable Paradise) to edit the work, have a talented friend design a kick-ass cover, do the layout myself, and release the beast into the wild, which was possible.
  I am readying an adult SF novel to shop to agents, and hope to enter the world of traditional publishing with that.

So this is for your son. Doesn’t your daughter get a book?
  Yes! I hope to have Pepperjane Gingersnap: Adventurer out eventually. And other projects are in the works...

Who did that awesome cover?
  Phineas X. Jones, a very talented illustrator in Chicago. Check out his website.

I really love Comet Jack and Comet Jack 2 and can hardly wait for more. Is there anything I can do to help?
  Please tell all your friends, facebook friends, your friends' kids, your friends' parents, your cousins, teachers, librarians, EVERYONE, about the Comet Jack series. Spread the word! Write reviews. Meanwhile, I'll keep writing.