Comet Jack gets an Epilogue

So, HarperCollins is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts for its science fiction and fantasy imprint, Voyager. If you have a 70,000+ word novel ready to publish, you may want to send it to them. You'll want to act fast, since there is only a two week window. Details here.

They were pretty specific about their word count, and seemed to have no exception for YA books, so to give Comet Jack the best chance at being accepted I had to make sure it was at least 70,000 words. I wouldn't want it to get booted out automatically because it measured only 69,000 and change (not including acknowledgements, etc).

So I wrote an Epilogue!

This was the perfect time to do just that, since I'm working on Comet Jack 2. The Epilogue is the bridge and teaser between the two books. It gives readers of Comet Jack a little more information about the Comet Corps while at the same time giving them a reason to salivate in anticipation of the next book.

Early readers of the Epilogue love it, and, while biased, I'm really pleased with it too.

If you've read Comet Jack, don't worry. You'll get the Epilogue. Look here for more information shortly. I'm figuring out whether it would be best to make it available here or at Amazon and B&N. Wherever it will be, the Epilogue will be FREE. I'm also adding it to future versions of Comet Jack sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Wish me luck with HarperCollins. Wouldn't it be cool if Comet Jack (and its sequels and other books!) got a chance to get in front of even more eyes?