T-minus... well, a few days. I promised I'd have the book up by the time my son hits fifth grade. He starts next week.

The good news, though, is the book is almost ready to go. I have a list of minor repairs my gracious beta-readers found--mostly relics from previous edits like words I forgot to delete when I changed phrasing. These should be taken care of today or tomorrow. (But if you find more, lay them on me at oops _at_! It's really never too late to correct mistakes. ...Life lesson there somewhere, but I digress.)

I'm good to go at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, but awaiting word on iTunes. Also, I've discovered iTunes requires an ISBN, so I'm getting a crash course in exactly how to obtain that (which is clear and expensive) and why you need one (less clear this is true at all). I may wait to add iTunes availability because of this.

BUT the book will be available somewhere very soon. The countdown is on. T-minus somewhere between two and six days. Give or take.