Print version coming (with a nod to ancient Egypt)

I'm very gratified by all the interest in the book so far. Thanks to everyone who downloaded! Quite a few people have been asking about a print version, which surprised me. I knew I would do this eventually, but I'm stepping up the pace to have trade paperbacks available ASAP.

Amazon prints these on demand, and frankly I'm amazed at how cheap they are. Not as cheap as an eBook, of course, but still very cheap considering they are printing as little as ONE copy at a time.

I don't have the exact number, but I see others that appear to be in a similar situation as mine are priced right around $13. Compared to $3 for the eBook on your Kindle or Nook, that's a lot of money. Compared to what you would've paid to have, say, a copy or two of your dissertation typeset, printed, and bound even just a few years ago, it is downright amazing. As this technology gets cheaper and easier, I'm assuming we'll see kiosks with hundreds of thousands of books available to print, much like we have kiosks where you can get professional grade photographs from your camera's digital memory cards.

These exist already! In fact, in a poetically satisfying full-circle of old-world meets new-world, the legendary Library of Alexandria (well, it's descendant, but still) has a print-on-demand machine. One fascinating fact: your book is ready in TEN MINUTES!

That bodes well for me having a print version available soon. But first I have to stop googling about the Library of Alexandria and get to work.