I Like My Dog (True) art update

I was unhappy with what Amazon showed as a sample, so I changed it! Gotta love complete control of your content.

When you go to the Kindle page for I Like My Dog (True), you can "click to take a look inside". With Comet Jack, you can read many pages before you decide whether to buy the book, but I Like My Dog (True) showed only the cover and part of the title page. Since both of those pages were based on the same art, you only really experienced one illustration. As a consumer, even if I liked that one page, seeing the same artwork twice might make me think that's all there was!

So I made a new title page, with this artwork. It includes small versions of the artwork from many of the interior pages. While you still can't read very far into the book, at least this gives a sense of the action to come.

Now, seeing that, don't you think it's worth blowing a buck on it? (99 cents, actually.)

I Like My Dog (True) for Kindle

I Like My Dog (True) for Nook