John Scalzi: helping out the little people

Today on John Scalzi's blog he allowed and encouraged us non-traditional published authors to post to his Whatever: Shopping Guide 2011 (part 2). It's beyond awesome, of course, that John shares his considerable audience with people like me. He says in the post: " someone who published his own first novel on his Web Site long before it was available in bookstores, I can say good writing is where you find it. I hope you find some good stuff today." That is just ultra-cool. Thanks, John!

I had the pleasure of being instructed by Mr. Scalzi at Viable Paradise in 2008. I found him generous, entertaining, and opinionated, three traits that fed one another. Of course smart too, but you couldn't swing a dead cat at Viable Paradise without hitting three people with genius IQs. Anyway, those of you who linked over here from his blog probably know him better than I.

If you came from there, welcome. You might be looking for these helpful links:

Comet Jack on Kindle
Comet Jack for Nook
Comet Jack in paperback

Try a sample. Buy a book if you like what you read. Please let me know what you think!