On Display

A little bird told me Comet Jack was prominently displayed at the local library so I rushed right over flapping my hands giddily like Homer Simpson. Low and behold, I found my baby sitting on its own easel, in the Young Adult loft, facing cover outward like like it had been picked best in show.

Even better, the copy shows signs of wear.
Which means readers. Which means I'm a very happy writer.

Soon I'll provide this worn copy with a brand new friend. I hope to have the (first) sequel out by the end of the year.

While I was at the library, I also snuck a peek at their computerized catalog, pulling up my book. (That's a rush too. Seeing your name and your book on a library card catalog makes you feel like a Real Writer. I know, I know: what an amateur.) The Comet Jack entry had a new description, written by someone other than me. It's pretty good, so I may have to borrow it. Anyway, here's the description:

"Jack is just an ordinary fifth-grader trying to adjust to life in a new school and deal with the schoolyard bullies who torment him. Then one day he accidentally falls out a window and suddenly finds himself whisked off to another planet, where he has been sent on a mission by the mysterious Comet Corps."

Okay, back to work. Comet Jack 2 isn't going to edit itself.